• Passionate developer
  • C++, Java, .NET, PHP, JS and many more
  • Fan of Overwatch
  • Occasional streamer on Twitch

About me

I am a passionate developer who loves to experiment with technology and who is fluent in a variety of programming languages. I have gathered experience in a lot of different projects ranging from web applications to low-level driver development. Whenever I encounter something new, I can usually not wait to tinker around with it.


In the past I have been working for GommeHD.Net, Europe's largest Minecraft server network. Since then, I have taken part in multiple open-source projects and have also published a few resources on my own - see my GitHub profile for a few examples.

Video Games

I. love. video games. At the moment I mainly enjoy playing Overwatch but I play other games such as DeadByDaylight, GMod and many others as well.


I am not a very active person on social media but if you'd like to stay in touch then make sure to check out my Twitter profile. Furthermore you can always drop me an email at

My accounts

Find me on other platforms!


Where I publish random pieces of software I developed over the past years


Where I tweet about things that happen to me


Where you can contact me straight away and where I will respond in a timely manner


Where - very sporadically - I will stream whilst programming or playing games

My Projects

The following are a selection of projects I have been working on and which I published publicly. All of them are free to use so go ahead and check them out!


Are you looking for a simple solution to internationalize your Minecraft plugins? This suite offers everything you need to support multiple languages with ease!
View on Spigot


Tired of writing verbose configuration files? Check out SimpleConfig, a very simple configuration file format which comes with a very lightweight Java library!
View on GitHub

Overwatch Signatures

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Also, if you are a Java developer as well, you can use Maven / Gradle to get the latest builds of my projects from here: https://repo.blackypaw.com


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